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Register of Italians living abroad (A.I.R.E.)

(Reference Office: D.G.IT. – DESK II)

The Register of Italians living abroad (A.I.R.E.) was established by Law No. 470 of October 27, 1988 and contains the data of Italian citizens living abroad for a period of over twelve months. It is managed by the Municipalities on the basis of data and information from the Consular Representations abroad.

Registration with A.I.R.E. is a citizen’s right and duty (Article 6 of Law 470/1988) and is a prerequisite for taking advantage of a series of services provided by Consular Representations abroad, as well as for exercising important rights, such as:

  • the possibility of voting by correspondence for national elections and referendums in the country of residence, and for the election of Italian representatives to the European Parliament in the polling stations set up by the diplomatic-consular network in the EU Member States;
  • the possibility of obtaining the issuance or renewal of identity and travel documents, as well as certifications;


The following people shall register with A.I.R.E:

– citizens who transfer their residence abroad for periods of over 12 months;

– those who already live abroad, either because they were born abroad or because they subsequently acquired Italian citizenship for any reason.


The following people shall not register with A.I.R.E:

– people who go abroad for a period of time shorter than one year;

– seasonal workers;

– permanent civil servants and State employees serving abroad, who are notified under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and Consular Relations of 1961 and 1963, respectively;

– Italian military personnel serving in NATO offices and facilities located abroad.

Registration with A.I.R.E. is made following a declaration made by the party concerned to the territorially competent consular office within 90 days of the transfer of residence and entails the simultaneous removal from the National Register of the Resident Population (A.P.R.) of the Municipality of origin.

The request shall be made through the portal or by filling out the specific request form (available on the websites of consular offices) to which documentation proving actual residence in the consular district and a copy of the applicant’s identity document shall be attached.

Registration may also take place ex officio, on the basis of information of which the consular office has become aware.

Registration with A.I.R.E. is FREE OF CHARGE.

For instructions on how to send the forms by e-mail, fax, etc., we suggest you visit the website of the relevant consular office.

Updating personal details on A.I.R.E. falls within the citizen’s responsibility.

The person concerned shall promptly notify the consular office of:

– the transfer of his / her residence or domicile abroad;

– changes in civil status, also for the possible registration in Italy of foreign deeds (marriage, birth, divorce, death, etc.);

– the loss of Italian nationality.

Citizens registered with AIRE who return to Italy definitively shall go to the Italian Municipality where they have decided to settle in order to declare their new address of residence. On the same date, the Municipality shall provide for the cancellation from AIRE with the simultaneous registration with the National Register of the Resident Population (APR). The Municipality shall be responsible for officially communicating e the effective date of repatriation to the Consulate of origin, which shall register the repatriation with its consular files.

Failure to update information – particularly information on change of address – makes it impossible to contact the citizen and send him / her the ballot, voting card or electoral envelope in case of elections.

It is important that the compatriot communicates his / her address correctly and completely, in accordance with the postal regulations of his / her country of residence.

Cancellation from A.I.R.E. takes place:

– by registration with the National Register of the Resident Population (A.P.R.) of an Italian Municipality following transfer from abroad or repatriation;

– by death, including a judicial declaration of death-in-absentia;