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“1849-1871. Jews of Rome between segregation and emancipation” Exhibition

On January 27, Italy celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust of the Jewish people. Among the numerous commemorative events is also the exhibition “1849-1871. Jews of Rome between segregation and emancipation“.

Drawing from the most important Italian museums of the Risorgimento and prestigious private collections, the exhibition narrates the commitment and the involvement of Italian Jews in the Italian Risorgimento.

70 works, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, manuscripts and photographs, recall the identification between the spirit of the Risorgimento and the millenary Jewish history, from the heroic Roman Republic of 1849 to the proclamation of Rome as the capital in 1871

The exhibition describes the contribution of the Jewish Community of Rome to the ideals of ​​redemption and national identity that led to the establishment of a unitary state in Italy.

On this site you can see the video of the virtual tour of the exhibition (subtitles in English).

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