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Italian Investment Roadshow

On November 11, an Italian Investment Roadshow took place in Taipei with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Trade and Investment Agency, the Bank of Italy and the Italian Stock Exchange. The event also took place with the contribution and participation of the international law firm NCTM. The roadshow had the goal of informing Taiwan potential investors of existing opportunities existing in Italy.

While Italian-Taiwanese economic relations have been consistently growing (about 4.4 billion euros of interchange in 2018), investment remains relatively underdeveloped considering that Italy and Taiwan are respectively the eighth and twenty-third world economies. Taiwanese investments in Italy have so far been made in the logistics, mechanics and hotel sectors.

Italian investments roadshows regularly occur in this region but Taipei was included only now for the first time. Taiwan is an investor of potential interest also on the financial level in consideration of the foreign projection of its operators, of the considerable size of its foreign exchange reserves and for the excellence profile of its companies in the logistics-shipping and ICT sectors.

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