Since 2001, at headquarters with growing responsibilities at the North-East Asia Directorate and on the field at posts in Hong Kong, Osaka e Beijing, I have witnessed the development of ever stronger relations between Italy and the Far East.

In particular, relations between Italy and the Greater China region, spurred by the strong Chinese economic development, have known an extraordinary development.

To such a positive progress, a first-rate and advanced reality like Taiwan, actively contributed through its own institutional, social and cultural peculiarity.

Relations between Italy and Taiwan in the social, economic and commercial sectors are especially dynamic and they have yet to implement their full potential. They find in the “people-to-people” dimension and in the untapped capital of reciprocal attraction their main comparative advantage.

As Head of the Office of Economic, Commerciale and Cultural Promotion in Taipei, I am privileged to be able to give a personal contribution to the further development of ever stronger ties between Italy and Taiwan.

For nationals residing in Taiwan for work or study the Office will provide services and serve as a catalyst of the resources of the “Sistema Italia”. For locals it will provide a gateway to Italy serving as a facilitator and a multiplier of contact opportunities between Taiwan and Italy.

In carrying out my mission here I am confident to rely upon the goodwill and the assistance of all those who have a stake in the successful progress of the relations of friendship between Italy and Taiwan.

January 2019

Davide Giglio

Head of the Office of Economic, Commerciale and Cultural Promotion in Taipei